Your first Date, how do you handle that? 12 tips for a successful first date.

You contacted a nice person and you start thinking about a first date. For the both of you, a first meeting is always exciting. What’s the best approach and guideline to your first date and how do you prevent disappointments? We asked our dating expert.

Having fun Online
1. Be open and honest, show interest and ask questions to get a good impression from the other person. For example, test whether the other person likes direct communication. Every good contact starts with good communication.
2. Make clear what you expect from a relationship and / or date.
3. Motivate why you selected a Jewish dating site and explain how you fill in your Jewishness.
4. Are you really ready for a first meeting? It’s not pleasant if you are still processing experiences with your ex and most of your conversations do have this subject. The basis for every good relationship is that you feel comfortable with yourself and that you are happy.
5. On Jewish-Friends you can anonymously share confidential matters with each other and get to know each other extensively. Only give your private details (real name, telephone number and email) as' you are sure of your case.
6. Do not pressurize yourself to show up during a date as the other person forces you to do so. Listen to that voice in your head that tells you whether the right feeling is present for a first date. On the other hand, it may not be an obsession for yourself either. Have fun and enjoy this exciting life phase.

The first Date
1. Speak on neutral ground.
2. Try to be yourself. Being nervous is not a shame and if needed explain your date how you feel.
3. Imagine yourself sitting on the other person's chair and think about what you do (or don’t) and say. Show the interest you showed during your online chat but do not place yourself on a therapist's chair. Don’t raise questions that will embarrass your date.
4. Try to tell about yourself don’t tell your entire life story with all accompanying details. There is more than enough time to do so later on.
5. Try to be generous and courteous during your date. How complicated is it to offer a cup of coffee and something small to eat? Be aware, the stereotypical image that a man should offer a wife something is old fashioned under a lot of youngsters;
6. Stay far away from your smartphone during your date. Also pull out enough time, but certainly not the whole day. If the click is not right for you, you don’t want to be stuck with each other for a long time;

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