Success Stories

Love doesn't have any boundaries

I had enough of free dating sites with users that were especially out for a date without any expectations and or a fast sex date. I also had enough of relationships that ran aground because sometimes my Jewish background was not always understood and or appreciated.
Immediately after my registration at Jewish-Friends at the end of 2017, I was overloaded with reactions. As I was supported with professional support I had a nice profile while a good profile photo did the rest. As I was active as from the beginning I soon discovered someone I liked. We lived quite far from each other, but wanted to give it a try. That was not easy because of our work. Yes and how it went further, I prefer to leave to your imagination. What I can still give you is that I have experienced that true love doesn't have any boundaries.

Gideon, 38 years old

Lonneke gave up her Jewish-Friends profile, but for a very good reason.

After 28 years of widowhood, I regained my happiness thanks to Jewish-Friends (formerly Jingles). Because of Jewish-Friends I am now already 2.5 years very happy with a man who also lives with me in the neighborhood! Thank you for that! We are very happy together, share the same interests and he is really my buddy! So I do not need a registration on your new site anymore. <).

Together through a difficult period
After half a year of "courtship" I ended up in the breast cancer circuit, complete with chemotherapy and bald head. It was "my buddy" who backed me through thick and thin, and still does Today! Our relation is a ticket from the lottery.

I am now "clean" and life smiles at me from all sides. Although I am already "a bit older", I definitely intend to get the 100.

Lonneke, 58 years

Super service

"I think Jewish-Friends is a super nice new website. The site is user-friendly and does have a lot of nice functionalities." I wanted to say something about the fantastic service I received recently. "Thanks to the moderators, the problem was addressed and solved in no time. The moderators are super nice as well!! "

Silvy, 49 years old

Worth the effort to become active

For far too long I was unhappy on the couch. I had been registered for a long time on JDate but did not do anything with my profile. To the great irritation of people who sometimes approached me enthusiastically. What should you do with a contact in Canada?
Rosh Hashanah in 2017 I looked very much in the mirror and it became clear to me that only myself could turn the button. The switch to the Jewish-Friends site that really focuses on Western Europe was good. Soon after I became active I met 'virtual' Madelon. Only after 5 weeks of chatting did we meet during a dinner party. Pff, that first dinner was long overdue, but when we arrived at the location of our first meeting in Utrecht, we knew exactly what we could expect from each other. And now, I am in love and finally feel happy. The peace has returned and life smiles at me. I like everything around me and I enjoy the things we do together. I hope that our love continues for up to 120 years.

Doron 58 years old

Jewish-Friends brought us together, guided tours did the rest

She had noticed me on Jewish-Friends before, but this time I decided to contact her. After frequent online contact, she invited me for a guided tour in Elburg where she is a guide. After this successful trip I invited her for a nice tour in Giethoorn. During our visit to Giethoorn the big spark finally jumped over. And now two years later we are sitting together on the couch. How nice is that. My tip, the holder wins!

Willi 71 years old

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