The success of Jewish-Friends

Jewish-Friends is exclusively meant for anyone with a Jewish background. Having a Jewish Grandpa or Grandma is sufficient. Because there are enough sites for people without a Jewish background, these people are not admitted to Jewish-Friends.
Started in 2005, Jewish-Friends is now the largest dating- and friendship site in the Benelux. On Jewish-Friends you can meet your friends online and during events. The organisation behind Jewish-Friends has a lot of knowledge about the Jewish Community. This site responds to a clear need.
In order to serve the profile holders well, a smart and innovative Matchingsystem is used.
, Finally all profiles are checked manually. You can be sure that the site remains clean and people with false intentions don't get access to the site.
The last point makes the difference with so many other friendship and dating sites. A perfect customer support ensures that your question and/or complaint is quickly followed up.
Test it yourself and register now for free and without obligation.
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