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Your privacy is guaranteed at all times

Jewish-Friends gives you the opportunity to get in touch with old friends and to make new friends safely and anonymously. For this reason, we take your privacy very seriously. We take all technical and organisational measures necessary to store your data safely and to protect your privacy. Confidential information, for example your email address and your IP address, will not be disclosed to third parties, unless this is expressly agreed otherwise or if Jewish-Friends is obliged to do so in accordance with a statutory provision or court order issued by a competent court.


Jewish-Friends uses cookies to create a safe and flexible registration and login system. However, these cookies do not contain any personal information. At the same time, Jewish-Friends uses cookies to store your most recent search terms.

Mail, chat and private chat

Email messages, general correspondence, as well as (private) chats (logs) sent or conducted via Jewish-Friends will be stored securely for the period of your subscription on our servers. JewishFriends reserves the right to inspect these data if there is reason to assume that a member’s actions contravene the general terms and conditions of Jewish-Friends and/or the agreement referred to therein. This is an important means of ensuring that Jewish-Friends is kept safe and pleasant for everyone.

Subscription, profile and technical login data

Jewish-Friends processes your personal profile data in order to provide the various services JewishFriends offers. These data include email addresses and your bank account number (if you opt to provide this). At Jewish-Friends, it is necessary to process your profile data to create your profile and to enable you to interact with others in an environment which meets your desires. This may include the option of drawing up an agreement for the use of the friends and dating site. To make this possible, Jewish-Friends uses your subscription data, for instance, to inform you about the website and its services, if necessary to contact you about your behaviour on the website or for the renewal of your subscription. Jewish-Friends may also use your data occasionally for commercial offers made by Jewish-Friends. The Jewish-Friends server will also keep track of your technical login data, such as your IP address, username, password, and the time and date on which you log in or log out. JewishFriends is authorised to use these data internally for research purposes. Also your username, together with your last login time and date will be made known anonymously (if desired and on demand) as part of your profile to other members of Jewish-Friends. Finally, when subscribing and in order to use the various services, you will provide Jewish-Friends with data which includes your gender, surname and (telephone) area code. To complete your profile, you will be required to answer several multiple-choice questions and open questions about, for instance, your personality, appearance, philosophy of life or religious beliefs. You will also be able to add photographs to your profile. Jewish-Friends will process this profile data for the sole purpose of making it visible to other member of Jewish-Friends anonymously as part of your profile.

Removal of your data

Six months after terminating your membership, all your data will automatically be deleted from JewishFriends’ systems. As a former member of Jewish-Friends you may also indicate that you no longer wish to receive any (commercial) emails or newsletters. For Jewish-Friends you are requested to send this information to info@jewish-friends.eu. Don't forget to mention your username.

What you can do to protect your privacy?

As is stated above, we make every effort to protect your privacy. However, there is much that you can do to protect your privacy. For example, do not provide any contact details such as phone numbers or email addresses. More tips on privacy and dating can be obtained after having logged in.

Amendments to the privacy statement

Jewish-Friends is entitled at all times to amend the contents of this privacy statement. We will publish the amended statement on our website.
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