How do I pimp my dating or friendship profile?

It pays off to spend enough time and attention to your dating and/or friendship profile. What can you do to score with your profile?

1. Take your time to write a good profile. Before placing the final version online think twice about its content. Pay attention to sloppy language errors. A good profile will attract more interested people and will lead to more reactions. Answers on open questions give you the opportunity to make the difference. Avoid answers like 'will tell you later'. Answer the questions in a funny and inspiring way, so that people want to know more about you. Ask a good friend if he / she recognizes himself in your profile.
2. Placing good and nice pictures on your profile is an absolute must. They increase your chance on good contacts with the factor seven. If you don’t have suitable photos then go and see a photographer, an investment you won’t regret. Also think carefully about the kind of photos you post. If you are looking for a serious relationship and not for a one night stand, then don’t share pictures with a sexy pose. Show who you are by recording yourself while you practice your sport or hobby. A good picture will tell others half of your story.
3. How do I find my new friends? When looking for nice people, pay particular attention to the similarities and things that appeal to you (a nice writing style, special interests, etc.). A world of nice contacts opens up if you select on things you have in common instead of selecting on the differences in between you. Although you obviously have to be critical, you better be not too demanding.
4. When sending a personal contact request, please note that you have read the profile correctly, but also include a concrete action in your first message. For example, a question that invites the reader to respond ('which book are you reading?') Or a proposal to do something together ('what do you think about going to sjoel or Joods Amsterdam together? to walk or visit an exhibition together? ') An absolute cause of death is the question' look at my profile 'and let us know if you like it.
5 .Send your contact requests on regular basis. You will see that you become more and more convenient and that success does not last long.
6. Being rejected is never fun, but don’t give up because of a rejection; the next person might be the true one. There are enough nice people online at Jewish-Friends that will respond positively.

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