Credit System, how does it work?


With the Credit System on Jewish-Friends you build up a credit amount that can be spent on almost all functions at Jewish-Friends. For some actions you receive Credits (example: Daily Log in, or Placing an article) while you pay Credits for other functions. Credits are valued on money. So you can purchase Credits as much as you want.

It’s important to know that you can give a Credit gifts to someone you like and who does not have a subscription or enough credit points at Jewish-Friends. For doing so, you need sufficient Credits yourself that can be bought by you as well. Below are the main functions that generate Credits and/or will cost you Credits.


* 1 CREDIT: Writing on Bulletin Board, Respond to Photo
* 2 CREDITS: Add Blogpost, Comment on Blogpost, Add Event, Respond to Event, Post something on the forum, Comment Comment
* 3 CREDITS: Log in daily to Jewish-Friends, add an Article
* 5 CREDITS: Respond to Article
* 10 CREDITS: Add photo, Add your profile to Popular User List
* 25 CREDITS: Register New User, On your Birthday you will receive 25 Credits Gift


* 5 CREDITS: Search Users, Read Chat Messages, Send a Friend Request, Video Call per minute (Note that is excluding booting and answering Video Call)
* 10 CREDITS: Start Chat dialog, Continue with Chat Dialog
* 20 CREDITS: Start a Video Call, Answer a Video Call

Please note that no further rights can be derived from the Credit system. The value of a Credit can be adjusted each moment by the admin.
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