What needs to be done in case of abuse?


If you've got faced with the abuse, please contact Jewish-Friends Moderators immediately from this page: https://www.jewish-friends.eu/contact

Also, each content/user has Flag button. Thus, if you consider any content or user as illegal/offensive/SPAM you can flag this content/user and our moderation team will settle this matter.

Profile members that misbehave or use inappropriate language can and will be taken of the website without giving any reason.
People that are removed from the website because of misbehavior or using abusive words will not get back the money they paid for being a member of Jewish-Friends. Profile holders receive a warning if necessary, depending on the severity of the complaint.

We all do our very best to keep the website safe and sound. But we need your input for that. So please report any abuse to our team of moderators.
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