Do’s and don’ts of Jewish Dating

'I am solely open to a relationship with a Jewish partner'. If you haven’t mentioned it yourself, you have undoubtedly heard others saying this with a Jewish background. The question is whether you should be led by that thought.

Whether you are religious or liberal as Jew, on your quest for a life buddy you can easily meet someone who does not have a Jewish background. It is clear that you better ask yourself beforehand what the consequence is of such a choice. You do not only choose for your new friend or girlfriend, but you also get the family / friends, habits, customs, culture and traditions as a gift. In practice it often turns out not to matter whether you are practicing your Judaism or not. Even traditional and/ or secular Jews can be placed with tough and difficult choices. Just think of the following situations. Your relationship must be able to withstand, for example, the following situations. Thinking and talking about it is an absolute must.

- Way of life
o As a traditional Jew (not religious Jew) you eat your kosher style and occasionally celebrate Jewish holidays. In other words, you do not eat pork and seafood and go sporadically to the synagogue. Can you find a common solution for this?
- Education
o You think about children, but your partner doesn’t agree your son to be circumcised and your children to be sent to Jewish lessons. On the other hand, you are required to have your child baptized. Even the choices of your own children can lead to discussions.
- Politics and history
o These topics can also cause problems and irritations. What do you think about subjects like Israel and your undoubtedly turbulent family history?

We will be the last to say that your choice is not the right one, but to increase your chances for a long-term happiness, it is important that you at least think about your choices beforehand. Many mixed marriages fail for one of the aforementioned reasons. While being in love insufficient thought can be given to some matters. If necessary, discuss this with trusted counselors in your area.
On Jewish-Friends you only find people with a Jewish background and non-Jews who have affinity with Jews and the Jewish community. That makes life and more particular dating a lot easier.

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