Cross border Jewish Dating

Finding the perfect friend and or partner in the Netherlands isn’t easy given the size of the number of Jews and the diversity of this relatively small group. Demographic research from 2010 shows that 52,000 people with a Jewish background live in the Netherlands. Of these, 38,000 are halachically Jewish (at least they have a Jewish mother). Concerning the neighboring countries: In Belgium live around 50,000 Jews, in Germany live around 250,000 Jews, 360,000 Jews live in UK and around 600,000 Jews live in France. A simple way to increase the chance of a successful match is to broaden the playing field to the surrounding countries. Cross border dating has both advantages and disadvantages. We mention the most important:

Advantages of cross-border dating:
* Finding a suitable partner becomes easier. There is simply more to choose from;
* You meet people who do not know you and/or acquaintances around you. In practice this can remove huge barriers.
* Cross border dating is even more exciting than dating in your own country. If you are both serious, placing yourself in a completely new environment can also boost your own life.
* Depending on the country you travel to, language and culture are sometimes an obstacle. But you also often encounter all those different cultures (with many Jewish backgrounds) within your own country.
* Cross border dating is more expensive because of the distances to overcome. More important than the money you will have to make more sacrifices to see each other on regular basis.
* If you would like to continue a cross-border relation, at least one of you needs to leave his or her environment. This has consequences for family (think of dependent children and/or parents) and friends that you will see less. Apart from your family and friends, you will also have to shift your work area in a successful match.

Summarizing, cross-border dating is not always easy, but it actually increases the chance of a suitable match. Our tip is to think carefully before deciding to step into cross-border dating. You will face both personal and common challenges that can’t be foreseen as from the beginning. But ... .. true love doesn’t know any boundaries. The author of this article speaks from experience.

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