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Love has no boundaries
I had enough of free dating sites with fast, few serious profiles that were especially out for a night of sex. I also Read more

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For everyone with a Jewish background
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Smart and innovative Matching Read more

Lea, at the base of Friendship & Happiness

Lea van Coeverden
(Source Quarterly Bulletin De Benjamin / summer issue 2018) With 63 years she was a certified relationship broker at the cradle of Jingles, which is now Read more


Cross border Jewish Dating

Finding the perfect friend and or partner in the Netherlands isn’t easy given the size of the number of Jews and the diversity of this relatively small group. Demographic research from 2010 shows that 52,000 people with a Jewish background live in the Netherlands. Of these, 38,000 are halachically Jewish (at least they have a Jewish mother). Read More

Do’s and don’ts of Jewish Dating

'I am solely open to a relationship with a Jewish partner'. If you haven’t mentioned it yourself, you have undoubtedly heard others saying this with a Jewish background. The question is whether you should be led by that thought.
Whether you are orthodox or liberal as Jew, Read More

Your first Date, how do you handle that? 12 tips for a successful first date.

You contacted a nice person and you start thinking about a first date. For the both of you, a first meeting is always exciting. What’s the best approach and guideline to your first date and how do you prevent disappointments? We asked Read More

How do I pimp my dating or friendship profile?

It pays off to spend enough time and attention to your dating and/or friendship profile. What can you do to score with your profile?
1. Take your time to write a good profile. Before placing the final version online think twice about its content. Pay attention to sloppy language errors. Read More

Jewish-Friends Events

Jewish-Friends organizes on regular basis nice activities where you meet new Jewish-Friends. As we don’t organize activities quite often, we recommend you to place the activity in your agenda.
Do you have great ideas or do you like to help organizing an event? Let us know. Our email address is info@jewish-friends.eu. Events are for security reasons Read More

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Profiles, photographs, articles and other items on Jewish-Friends are screened 24/7. Your profile or question will be answered at the latest within 24 hours. The moderating team at Jewish-Friends is continuously active to help you. For questions of suggestions you can simply go to info@jewish-friends.eu
Complaints will be taken very seriously so inform us if you don’t Read More

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